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Expert Roof Tear-Offs in Orem, Utah

roof tear-offs

Building codes do not allow more than two layers of roofing, so when that second layer goes, it's time for a roof tear off. How do we do it? We tear off the multiple layers down to the roof deck and, if necessary, install 7/16ths-inch plywood over the entire roof area, correctly nailing the plywood according to current building codes. If the plywood does not need to be replaced, we inspect it carefully to make sure the nail pattern is in accordance with building codes. We then install the roofing material of your choice.

Roofing materials most commonly torn off:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood shake shingles
  • Tar and gravel
  • Membranes of all sorts
  • Cement tile
  • Asbestos tile

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